How to Activate Your Kohl’s Credit Card to Save Money and Earn Rewards?

Kohl’s department store is popular for great deals on apparel, home goods, beauty products, toys, and more. One of the best ways to save even more money at Kohl’s is by using a credit card. The Kohl’s Credit card offers frequent discounts and lets you earn rewards points on purchases that translate into Kohl’s Cash. 

But before you can utilize those money-saving perks, you need to know how to properly activate your new Kohls credit card. Here is a detailed guide on activating your Kohl’s Charge card and taking advantage of everything this retail card has to offer.  

Benefits of the Kohl’s Credit Card

The Kohl’s Charge card provides cardholders with the following ongoing benefits:

  • Discount shopping days with extra % off promotions
  • 5% Kohl’s Cash rewards on every purchase 
  • $10 Kohl’s Cash reward for every $100 spent 
  • Exclusive savings events and personalized deals
  • Kohl’s Rewards loyalty program with bonus point opportunities
  • Special cardholder-only coupons are sent monthly 
  • 0% interest financing options available  

As you can see, the Kohl’s Charge card opens up many easy ways to accumulate discounts and rewards when shopping at Kohl’s. But to leverage these benefits, you first need to activate your new card.

Activating Your Kohls Credit Card

Activating Your Kohls Credit Card

When you get approved for the Kohl’s Charge card, Kohl’s will mail you your new inactivated credit card along with instructions for activation. Here are the easy steps to get your card up and running:  

1. Call the Kohl’s Card Services activation line at 888-249-3787. This automated number is available 24/7. 

2. Enter your new 16-digit Kohl’s Charge Card number when prompted by the activation system.  

3. Input the last four digits of your social security number next.  

4. Follow the additional voice prompts to set up your card security PIN number.  

5. The automated system will then activate your Kohl’s credit card immediately.

The entire activation process by phone takes less than 5 minutes. Once finished, your Kohl’s Charge Card will be ready for use in stores or online at 

You can also choose to activate your card online instead by:

1. Going to and clicking “My Account”

2. Logging into your account with your email address and password 

3. Selecting “Manage Payment Options”

4. Clicking “Activate Kohl’s Card” and entering your new card details

No matter which method you choose, be sure to sign the back of your card and put it in your wallet once it’s been successfully activated. 

Using Your Kohl’s Card & Earning Rewards

Using Your Kohl’s Card & Earning Rewards

Once your new Kohl’s Charge Card is active, you can immediately start reaping the many monetary benefits this exclusive retail card offers. Make sure to utilize these perks to maximize savings:

  • Use your Kohl’s Card for all purchases and payment options in order to earn 5% Kohl’s Cash on every transaction. This essentially equals receiving $5 for every $100 you spend. 
  • Take advantage of monthly Kohl’s Card discounts, usually 15-30% off your entire purchase one day per month. Go shopping on your cardholder appreciation days for the best deals.
  • Stack storewide percent-off discounts with Kohl’s Cash rewards for huge total savings. Kohl’s often offers sitewide promo codes that you can combine with your earned Kohl’s Cash.
  • Link your active Kohl’s Card to your existing Kohl’s online account profile and app to manage your earnings and conveniently apply rewards. 
  • Use accumulated Kohl’s Cash during redemption periods offered four times per year and get additional discounts on top of paying $0 with your earned rewards.
  • Build up to Elite (silver) and Elite Plus (gold) tier status in the Kohl’s Rewards program by using your Kohl’s Charge Card regularly. Higher tiers qualify for extra reward bonus opportunities.

Responsible Kohl’s Credit Card Use

Like any credit card, the Kohl’s Charge card also comes with responsibility. Be sure to practice smart credit habits like these for optimal money management:

  • Pay your balance in full and on time each month to avoid deferred interest charges. Making at least the minimum payment is also important for maintaining positive credit health. 
  • Create a budget for Kohl’s purchases and only spend within your means each billing cycle. Never overspend just to earn additional Kohl’s Cash; it defeats the purpose of saving money.  
  • Take advantage of online account tools on and in the Kohl’s app to monitor statement balances and card spending. Set up purchase alerts and customizable payment reminders.
  • Check your credit report regularly to understand how Kohl’s credit card usage impacts your overall score over time. Catch any reporting issues early and maintain excellent credit.

Activating your Kohl’s credit card opens the door to serious savings that cardholders only have access to. When used responsibly and strategically, you can save hundreds annually at Kohl’s with the help of Kohl’s Charge Card perks and routine earnings. Follow these card activation and usage tips to shop smart at Kohl’s.


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