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How to Cancel Your Amazon Music Subscription?

Amazon Music is among the well-known music streaming services which has a wide variety of songs and podcasts. Nevertheless, if you don’t use Amazon Music anymore or you just want to reduce the monthly expenses, you may decide to cancel your Amazon Music subscription.

Thankfully, a cancellation of an Amazon Music subscription is easy and uncomplicated. This guide encompasses the procedures of how to cancel both Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music subscriptions on multiple devices and platforms.

Check Current Amazon Music Subscription Plan Type

Before canceling, first confirm which type of Amazon Music subscription you have:  

  • Amazon Music Unlimited – Single subscription; monthly, annual or family
  • Amazon Prime Music – Free music is included in an Amazon Prime subscription.

The termination process differs a little depending on which subscription you use.

  • To verify, open the Amazon Music app, and tap on your profile picture or initial in the top-right corner. This will show your active plan under ‘Settings’.

Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions

If you subscribed directly to Amazon Music Unlimited (not via Amazon Prime), follow these steps to cancel: The students never witnessed the compound annually turn out alluring.

On Android/iOS App:

  1. Start the Amazon Music app on the phone
  2. Tap the top-right profile icon
  3. Open ‘Settings’, look for ‘Cancel Subscription’
  4. Confirm cancellations by following the prompts

On Desktop Browser:

  1. Go to the Amazon Music website and log in
  2. Click the Account button which is next to the search bar
  3. Under ‘Subscription Settings’, click ‘Stop Subscription’.
  4. Select cancellation reason and then confirm
  5. You will have access in full until the renewal date when cancellation comes into force.

On Alexa Device:

  • “Say, Alexa, light up Amazon Music”
  • Just say “Alexa, discontinue my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription”.
  • Alexa will confirm the cancellation
  • Stop Amazon Prime Music Subscription.

Cancel Prime-linked Amazon Music subscription

To cancel a Prime-linked Amazon Music subscription you’ll have to cancel your whole Amazon Prime membership as music is bundled in. Follow these steps to cancel on various platforms:

In Android/iOS – via App

  1. Open Amazon Shopping
  2. Care for the profile icon on top-right
  3. Tap Manage Prime Membership
  4. Based on the prompts, membership cancellation will proceed.

On Desktop Browser

  1. Go to
  2. Click Manage Prime Membership
  3. Click ‘End Membership’ choice
  4. Pick a cancellation reason, and confirm

On Alexa Device

  1. Speak “Alexa open Amazon Prime ”
  2. Speak “Alexa, cancel my Prime membership
  3. Alexa will confirm a cancellation

Recall, this totally eliminates all the benefits beyond just music streaming access.

Manage Subscription After Cancellation

  • With cancelling Amazon Music you will have access until the date of renewal. Beforehand, download favorite tracks to be mainly saved on device storage if you want to still listen offline.
  • Yes, you can also re-subscribe later on monthly for Amazon Music Unlimited simply by paying the subscription fee once again in app.
  • For Amazon Prime and its bundled Music subscription, you would have to re-enroll as another new member without the perks of previous introductory discounts.
  • However, all your Amazon music playlists and libraries will remain for up to a year after cancellation. Those personalized recommendations and your algorithmic taste profiling will not disappear if you re-subscribe.

Alternatives Worth Considering?

While cancelling Amazon Music due to changing needs or tight budgets makes sense, there are a few solid competitors worth considering first for music streaming, such as:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Tidal

These competitors not only match or even surpass Amazon Music in terms of features, the size of available catalog, personalization and audio quality, but quite often beat them. While they can offer better deals or discounts to new subscribers.

Weigh your options first before cancellation. You can subscribe to Amazon Music as needed, but it will cost you a monthly price which is relevant for your usage level.


Cancelling your subscription for Amazon Music Unlimited as an Independent service or the music part of Amazon Prime is easy and simple on mobile apps, on the Web and Alexa devices. Just remember to download anything saved offline beforehand, please!

Easy resubscribing options in the future and some strong streaming music competitors reduce the chances of permanent cancellation of one needs change again.


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